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Where to find Stroopwafels in the U.S.

While in Amsterdam I tried syrup waffles or stroopwafels and immediately fell in love.

Sweet and crispy with just a hint of cinnamon, I couldn’t get enough of these buttery treats on our trip to the Netherlands…luckily we found them just about everywhere!

If you happen to be in Amsterdam, there are a variety of stroopwafels to choose from. The BEST stroopwafels I tasted in Amsterdam can be found at the Original Stroopwafels stall in the famous Albert Cuyp Market.

Original Stroopwafel’s delicious wares

…but, what if you return home with a hankering for these yummy treats (like me)? Here’s a round-up of a few stroopwafel spots in the U.S.:

Los Angeles:

The Dutch Bakery & Variety Foods store in Pomona, CA is a one-stop shop for EVERYTHING Dutch. Though they don’t make stroopwafels fresh, they import them fresh from the Netherlands regularly.

?: Patrick R./YELP

The Holland International Market is another store located in Southern California that has imported stroopwafels and other Dutch treats, but they also have regular events to help educate and introduce the delicious foods of Holland to the local community.

New York:

At the Williamsburg Smorgasburg (held on Saturdays) you’ll find everything from ramen burgers to vegan beet sliders. You’ll also find a stall using stroopwafels in some pretty crazy ways…like as an ice cream sandwich!


At Dutch Amore in Hollywood, FL they’re serving up stroopwafels as a sweet smore sandwich and the traditional way, with a touch of warm syrup. They also fry up the well-known Dutch treat bitterballen which are croquettes filled with warm gravy, breaded and deep fried.

?: Dutch Amore/YELP


Smaaken Waffles is a unique food cart making savory sammies out of Dutch waffles. I’m sure you could get a traditional syrup waffle if you asked, but the Van Gogh with bacon, cheddar and syrup is a pretty fantastic diversion!


?: @smaakenwaffles / Instagram

Of course, if you can’t find fresh stroopwafels in your hometown, you can purchase the pre-packaged  goods at retailers like Cost Plus/World Market and Trader Joe’s, as well as online at Amazon… trust me, any stroopwafel is better than no stroopwafel at all!

See Amsterdam Like A Local…By Bike!

?: Diego Portela/Flickr

Cycling is more than a form of exercise in Dutch cities, it’s a way of life and has been since the late 1800’s. Still the most popular form of transportation, if you want to see Amsterdam like a local, you’re going to need a bike!

My Black Bike Rental locked across from the Anne Frank House

Bike Rentals

Many hotels have bikes for rent daily, but in the summer months, the rentals go quick! Make this your mission as soon as you check-in, especially if the weather is nice as the hotel rentals are limited and in high demand.

There are several other rental locations…our go to is Black Bikes. I made it a point to write a shining review on TripAdvisor and YELP because the young guy, Tycho is super helpful.  For around 17 Euro (less if you book more than one day at a time), you can hit the streets in a superb bike. Pay a little more for a basket (which I should’ve done) to cart those bottles of wine and packages of gouda you pick up at Albert Cuyp Market!

?: Lauri Väin/Flickr

Bike Safety

The locals bike all year round, rain or shine and you won’t see many helmets, not even on children! Bike locks are another matter as most bikes have at least two locks, a rear lock to render the back wheel motionless and another to hook through the front wheel and frame of the bike. Properly locking your bike is IMPERATIVE. We were sitting at a restaurant enjoying a beer right next to our bikes and a group of guys tried to stealthily steal ours. But, we’re former New Yorkers…no one pulls the wool over our eyes! ? You can lock your bike to bridges, sign posts and bike racks, but make sure to lock up even if you’re making a quick stop.

?: Mariano Mantel/Flickr


Getting Around Town

Bike lanes and lights will help you learn the traffic patterns, but how do you get from point A to point B? Although Google Maps offers a bike option, the GPS function isn’t 100% accurate. I prefer an excellent app called Citymapper. Able to navigate the bike paths at your own pace (there’s a ‘quiet’ option for those who want to take a slower, easier route), this app got me from the Van Gogh Museum to the Anne Frank House with ease, even when I was unfamiliar with the general landscape of the city. Also useful for navigating the trams and trains, this app is a must for traversing public transportation in Amsterdam!

Me at Dam Square

Now, stretch out those quads and saddle up for an amazing ride!