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We are travelers, wanderers, foodies on a mission to find the best adventures of our lives. My husband, Jay and I both grew up in U.S. army families which meant that every few years we had to leave everything behind for a new city. That lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but  it for Jay and I it formed a certain intrigue about the big, wide world around us. Living in Naples, Italy; Stuttgart, Germany; Honolulu, Hawaii and several more worldwide destinations, Jay and I fell in love with experiencing new cultures at a young age…a passion that still burns within us. Thus, He She Oui was formed. A food and travel blog where we’ll share our experiences, travel tips and copycat recipes of the best dishes we’ve discovered around the world. We hope you enjoy!


ERICA MOUNTAIN is a food and travel blogger, screenwriter and world traveler. An army brat who spent many childhood years in Naples, Italy and traveling throughout Western Europe. Her youthful adventures as a diverse young woman in a foreign world and family history in the government, CIA and the military truly shaped Erica’s unique voice and style. A graduate of VCU, Erica performed as a professional dancer in films such as Step Up and worked as an international webseries writer/producer, shooting episodes in South Africa and the Netherlands. Desiring to pursue her love for television and film writing, Erica journeyed west to attend USC’s MFA screenwriting program. Using her time at USC wisely, Erica interned at Bad Robot Productions, Occupant Entertainment, the Fox Writer’s Studio and Criminal Minds (CBS) where she continued to work full time as a Writer’s Assistant and Writer’s P.A. In addition to writing tantalizing thriller content, she’s produced five short films and her most recent short will premiere this spring at the Haunted Memories art exhibit and film festival that Erica also co-curated. Erica is represented by Shan Ray (Kaplan Stahler Agency). She is working as a creative content producer, food blogger and preparing to direct her first feature film.


JAY MOUNTAIN is an accountant and financial professional working currently working for Universal Pictures International. A food lover and craft beer guru, he joins the He She Oui team to taste and location scout as we track down new and unique restaurants and bars around the world.



CARLA JAY HARRIS is an east coast transplant with a passion for all things art and photography. She recently relocated from New York city, where she had been working as a lifestyle photographer for the past five years, to attend grad school at UCLA.  After a short break, Carla‘s now back behind the camera and looking forward to eating her way up and down the golden coast.

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