Reigning King of Los Angeles Baguettes

I stepped off the elevator at the Sofitel Beverly Hills and was immediately smacked in the face by a heavenly aroma. This sweet scent has the power to transcend time and space as I was whisked from Los Angeles to the stylish street of Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris.
This fragrance is the same aroma leaks from boulangeries at dawn, beckoning Parisians from their slumber to start a new and delicious day. If you haven’t guessed, the scent I speak of is that of the quintessential French food, the baguette; and French Morning so graciously blessed us loyal baguette subjects by crowning the King of all French baguettes in Los Angeles.
We’ll get to the winner in a moment, but there were a few funky favorites that He She Oui tasters couldn’t stop raving about:

A loaf by Ran Zimon, the mad genius baker at Bread Lounge, is the first of many flavor bursting bites that caught us by total surprise.


Bread Lounge created a Kalamata Olive Stick with Za’atar, an aromatic Middle Eastern spice mix that literally knocks your socks off and sets your buds on fire. This chewy, crunchy stick of olive goodness is an absolute must try…again, and again…

Kalamata Olive Stick with Za’atar from Bread Lounge
Then, there was a red wine, cranberry loaf that was sweet, savory and oh so flavorful. Surprise, surprise, the culprit of this yummy creation was none other than Porto’s Bakery & Cafe.
Porto's Bakery
Porto’s Bakery Team
Porto’s is a powerhouse of Cuban treats normally known for decorative cakes and crispy empanadas…this loaf is just another ace in the hole for the taste bud gratifying gurus .
Creating a perfect French baguette is truly a work of art, and to judge that artwork, French Morning gathered the likes of Christophe Bonnegrace of Yamashiro Hollywood and Thomas Henzi, pastry chef at the Beverly Hills Hotel among others- essentially Los Angeles food royalty- to judge and crown the new king and queen.
French Morning baguette judges

The winner was Pitchoun Bakery of Pershing Square and their loaf was absolutely exquisite, no doubt.

But, for our lowly bread-loving buds, we actually gravitated towards the airy, chewy loaf from Bouchon Bakery in Beverly Hills.

In any case, bless you French Morning for helming this tasty throw down.

And, if and when there’s a re-match, we’ll be there with plates of creamy cheeses and glasses of crisp wines at the ready.
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