Best Time To Visit Paris

Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world. The food, the wine and the artistic wonders keep me returning year after year.  But, not all seasons are created equal in the city of lights.

Here’s a short breakdown of what to expect each season:



Credit: Cristiano Medeiros Dalbem / Flickr

From March to May, the chill in the air subsides and the flowers begin to blossom. Spring in Paris is literally the muse for hundreds of painting and songs. Though rain is extremely common, the sunny spring days offer an opportunity to see the city with fewer tourists. Shorter lines and lower airline prices make this a worthwhile season if you can swing the time off from work. There are many religious holidays celebrated in France during this season, so be sure to check the calendar as there are sure to be museum closures.



Credit: David Brooks / Flickr

Often the most advantageous time for families to travel, you will most definitely see higher hotel and flight prices and lines can be quite ridiculous in the summer. It also rains often in the early summer months, especially in June and July. During the summer, the sun doesn’t set until almost 2200 hrs making the city a little easier to traverse for single or unfamiliar tourists.

In August just about every Parisian leaves the city for their annual holiday. The streets are quiet, but if you’re looking to meet and chat with locals, you will have quite a challenge because most of the people you run into will be other tourists! With most of the work force gone, many restaurants, night clubs and shops will be closed. Be sure to call ahead to ensure your favorite spots will be open.



Credit: Christophe Bitton / Flickr

The autumn leaves falling in the Tuilleres Garden is quite a magnificent sight to behold. Much like spring, fall can be rainy and cold, but there are fewer tourists and shorter lines. The days will still be long so you can enjoy the city well into the night.



Credit: T W I N K A

Although the city of lights will be emblazoned with bold reds and sparkling lights, winter is extremely cold in Paris. If icy weather and snow-covered walks is your holiday dream come true, then you will certainly enjoy Paris in winter!  Just be sure to pack your winter coat and boots!


Of course, Paris is beautiful at any time of year, but hopefully this short guide will help you better plan your journey!

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